Taxidermy classes

Taxidermy classes at Moth Studios consist of a variation of animals that you can choose from for a workshop. We only teach beginners taxidermy classes, focusing with students who want to give taxidermy a try, just to see what its all about! We host rodent taxidermy, small bird, mole, chick & pre-skinned classes. Please check out our class calendar where you will find all the other workshops we offer, times, location and prices. You can find our class calendar and booking options on our classes page. Customers can also request one-on-one sessions if they would prefer it to a group. Please contact Sherene directly for further queries or any other information you would like for those services.

All of Moth Studios’ specimens used in classes and in works are responsibly and legally obtained. All animals have been donated or found once they have has passed. The animals come from aviaries, sanctuaries, road kill, pet stores, pest control, natural deaths in the wild and sometimes pets. We do not violate any legal laws nor do we support anyone who practices this. Moth has the upmost respect for animals in life and after death. This is priority and poignant in our constitution. We don’t like to use the word “ethical” as it many different meanings to different people, we can however provide further information on each specimen if you would like to find out more.

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Entomology Classes

One of our most popular classes at Moth Studios! These classes allow you to explore the fascinating and beautiful anatomy of insects. Our entomology classes are approximately 2 hours long and are held as an evening class. It’s a more relaxed and a less intense introduction into the world of Moth Studios and exploring avenues of taxidermy.

  “Entomology” (The art of insect pinning). Students will learn how to re-hydrate, relax and pin their specimens. We primarily host butterfly pinning classes but occasionally dabble with bugs, beetles, moths, arachnids and other insects. Please see our class calendar on our home page to book and see prices, or you get in touch if you have any further queries. We also offer one to one’s, occasion and tailor-made classes, such as birthdays, hen doo’s, family outings, surprise parties and corporate team building days.

Specimens are obtained from sustainable sources. Stock received is from responsible breeders from the Lepidopterist Breeders Association, and donations from natural deaths in the wild. 

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Styling & Hire

Moth Studios can be hired for special events such as weddings, parties and for styling of locations and venues. Sherene specialised in sculpture, installation, visual display and set design management. Hires involve custom table centres for weddings, location and venue styling, hire for fashion photographers and publications, special events, props for TV or film.

Sherene has been recognised as one of the top 10 young entrepreneurs of the North East, and her taxidermy work and studio has been featured and broadcast on ITV, BBC One, local newspapers, Living North, BuzzFeed and in a handful of luxury alternative bridal magazines.

If you have any queries please contact Sherene directly.

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Artwork & Commisions

Moth Studios has a shop here on our website, and a shop on our Facebook page. We also have a working studio with a pop-up-shop, where drop-ins can be arranged via emailing us at

Custom-made pieces can also be created at Moth Studios. Sherene can help you with any ideas that you may have, whether it be for a gift or a personal collection. We are very welcoming to creativity. Please be aware that custom and bespoke pieces will be priced on item cost and commission time, separate to our shop prices. Further information on delivery times and postage can also be found on our terms and conditions page.

Collaborations can be booked with Moth Studios. Existing collaborations have included Television: ITV’s, Vera “The moth catcher” February 2016 and BBC One’s “The nest” 2020. We collaborated on pops, custom artworks and set hire.

International artist collaboration: “Glory” sculpture by Debra Franses Bean. Art bag artist Debra makes high end art bags to be exhibited and sold at galleries, exhibitions and fairs all over the world.

Please email Sherene via to enquire about collaborations.

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Custom Events

We offer occasion and tailor-made classes! A few of our most popular ones have been birthdays, hen doo’s, family outings, Airbnb experiences, surprise parties, children’s workshops, corporate team building days, and private hire for you and your group to have the opportunity to make your own wedding venue decorations.

Customers can also request one-on-one sessions if they would prefer it to a group. Please contact Sherene directly for further queries or any other information you would like.

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