Moth Studios is a contemporary, taxidermy studio and event space. Reinventing taxidermy and our beautiful natural world.

Sherene is a professionally trained and licensed taxidermist based in Newcastle upon Tyne,  a contributing member of the UK Guild of Taxidermists since 2010 and abides by any laws regarding taxidermy and its counterparts (See more info in our FAQ section). As a side project to the taxidermy, she got involved in entomology in London and got fully involved in all things related since. She has taught taster sessions about the art of taxidermy to for 6 years now…

Sherene is also a qualified Youth worker, and is very passionate about teaching teaching a wide variety of students with different cognitive abilities and from every social background. She received her BA honours degree in Fine Artist back in 2013, along with becoming the director of Moth Studios Limited. She has been recognised as one of the top 10 young entrepreneurs of the North East, and her taxidermy work and studio has been featured and broadcasted on ITV, BBC One, local newspapers, Living North, BuzzFeed and in a handful of luxury alternative bridal and photography magazines.

For more information please visit: Natural England Organisation DEFRA

Based in the Newcastle city centre, Moth Studios focuses on the beauty and preservation of life & death, making the world of natural history more accessible for the past, present and the future in the form of contemporary taxidermy.

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