Moth Studios is a contemporary, taxidermy studio and event space. Reinventing taxidermy and our beautiful natural world.

2020 workshops update 

We’ve taken the difficult decision to close Moth Studios all together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately the studio cannot operate as normal during this difficult time and we need to go into “furlough” to be able to keep Moth Studios open long term. 

If you have a class booking with us in 2020, you will have received an email from us personally with more information regarding government advised phasing and our plans for classes this year. If you haven’t received an email, please get in touch. We will 100% get everything rescheduled once its safe to do so regarding gatherings and groups. As a small business, we take the safety of our customers and clients extremely seriously and I hope you can appreciate how difficult it has been reaching this decision.  Thank you for your patience.

We will be posting on social media, so please keep in touch!

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Sherene is a professionally trained and licensed taxidermist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Also a contributing member of the UK Guild of Taxidermists since 2010, she abides by any laws regarding taxidermy and its counterparts (See more info in our FAQ section). As a side project to the taxidermy, she got involved in entomology in London and became fully immersed in all things related since.

Sherene has taught taster sessions about the art of taxidermy for 6 years now, to both adults and children. She is also a qualified Youth worker, and is very passionate about teaching a wide variety of students with different cognitive abilities and from varying social background. Sherene received her BA honours degree in Fine Art back in 2013, along with becoming the director of Moth Studios Limited. The studio and her taxidermy work has been recently featured, sold and broadcasted on ITV, BBC One, London fashion week, Manchester contemporaries, local newspapers, Living North, BuzzFeed and in a handful of luxury alternative bridal and photography magazines.

To Sherene, taxidermy has to have a perfect blend science and art; taxidermist skills, scientific knowledge of anatomy, physiology and a consistent level of creativity to be able to execute carving, sculpting manikins, groundwork, displays and painting/airbrushing skills. All of these are a necessity to achieve the vision. Not to mention a taxidermists patience, persistence and extensive research on certain projects!

Sherene has always had a small studio space, which has allowed her to practice taxidermy not just from home, but within the city centre amongst other creatives. Moth Studios blends taxidermy, entomology, art, photography, alternative fashion and offers a creative social space for the community, locals & tourists. Sherene does a lot of collaborating as well as being a taxidermist and welcomes people of all ages to participate in workshops. Groups include; the general public, hen and stag do’s, corporate event socials, schools, colleges, 1-2-1 sessions, disadvantaged youths and adult therapy groups.

The building itself hosts an events bar, pop-up coffee stop, food vendors, dj’s and musicians when events are on, along with many other talented working artist studios. It’s a city centre hub that allows visitors, tourists, and students, to experience and explore stimulating creative subjects. Especially taxidermy…right here in the city centre.

Allowing the general public to access something very obscure, specialist and understandably very pricey, peaked Sherene’s interest for her taxidermy work to develop and to try to make the fascinating art accessible and easier for everyone to enjoy.


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For more information please visit: Natural England Organisation DEFRA

Based in the Newcastle city centre, Moth Studios focuses on the beauty and preservation of life & death, making the world of natural history more accessible for the past, present and the future in the form of contemporary taxidermy.

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