Taxidermy classes at Moth Studios consists of a variation of animals. We primarily teach beginners taxidermy classes, focusing on students who want to give taxidermy a go and see what its all about. We host rodent taxidermy, skinning classes, skull cleaning and decorating amongst our bird and mammal workshops that we run during the year.

PLEASE CHECK OUR CLASS CALENDAR OUT! you will find what workshops are happening when and pricing. Students can also request one-on-one sessions if they would prefer it to a group. Please contact Sherene directly for further queries or any other information you would like.

All of Moth Studios’ specimens are responsibly and legally obtained. All animals have been donated or found once they have has passed. The animals come from aviaries, road kill, pet stores, pest control, natural deaths in the wild and pets. We do not violate any legal laws nor do we support anyone who practices this. Moth has the upmost respect for animals and ethical taxidermy is priority and poignant in our constitution!

Sherene from Moth has been a member of the Guild of Taxidermists UK for years and abides by any laws regarding taxidermy and its counterparts…for more information please visit:

– Natural England organisation



How and when did you get into taxidermy?
I began training in taxidermy approximately 5 years ago, but having an insatiable interest in taxidermy from a young age.


Where did you learn?
I have been trained by master taxidermist Mike Gadd in bird and mammal taxidermy and from there trained and self taught myself. There are no formal qualifications in taxidermy.


How much are your classes?
Classes vary in price depending on the specimen and the length or intensity of the class. Taxidermy classes range from 3 to 9 hours and even can run into two day sessions. Please contact directly if you are interested in a certain workshop.