One of our most popular classes at Moth Studios. These classes allow you to explore the fascinating and beautiful anatomy of the insects. Our entomology classes are approx @ hours long and usually held as an evening class. (Its a more relaxed and less intense introduction into the world of Moth Studios and exploring avenues of taxidermy).
  “Entomology” (The art and skill of insect pinning). Students will learn how to rehydrate, relax, spread and pin their specimens that are supplied by Moth. We primarily host butterfly pinning classes but occasionally dabble with bugs, beetles and insects. PLEASE SEE CLASS CALENDAR and get in contact if you have any further queries. We do offer occasion and tailor-made classes! A few of our most popular ones have ben Birthdays, hen do’s, family outings, surprise parties and corporate team building days.
Specimens are obtained from sustainable sources. Stock received is from responsible breeders from the Lepidopterist Breeders Association, and donations from natural deaths in the wild. Sherene has been trained in London as a side project to her taxidermy training and got fully involved in all things Entomology since!